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Guarantee-> 1 Year Replacement Guarantee
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Shipping Charges-> Domestic: Rs. Only 200.00/-
COD Services-> Available in DELHI & NCR only
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Almost ever car is outfitted with an in car vanity mirror. Why not upgrade your standard car mirror to an all-in-one surveillance system for monitoring passengers,vandals,or thieves. What these people wont know is that this normal looking mirror is recording their every move onto the built in DVR. The Clip On Car Mirror Spy Camera can record high resolution video for up to 8 hours onto the built in DVR
To playback video surveillance,use the included USB cable to plug the The Clip.On Car Mirror Spy Camera directly into your computer or playback on any 3GP compatible cell phone or PDA. The video will instantly play back without any additional software required. The camera is even 1.0 LUX so you can capture video in dimly lit areas such as parking garages or tunnels. This unbeatable surveillance unit is all you ll need to keep an eye on your car when you are not around.

* USB Cable for charging and easy data transfer
* Record high resolution 480 lines and 1.0 lux with the internal
* Sony CCD camera Playback on 3GP compatible cell phones and PDAs
* Records up to 8 hours
* Perfect for car surveillance

* Who Stole Your Change
* Who Stole Your Ipod Or Radio
* Find Out Who is Been In Your Car
* Find Out Who Scratched Your Car Who Drove Your Car Without Permission

* Who is Been Snooping Around Your Desk