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Mobile Phone Jammer in Mango

Mobile phone jammer is a tool used to prevent cell phones from receiving signals from base stations(Tower). Cell phones are disabled by the use of mobile phone jammers. These devices can be used at those locations where cell phone is distruped like Temples, schools, libraries etc. These machines can blocks the cell phones use by sending the radio waves along the same frequency that uses a cell phone.This effect a more interference between cell phones and communicating tower to cell phones unusable. When mobile phone jammer is turn on and works all cell phones show “No Network”, and when it is turned off all cell phones is automatically restore all communication.

Uses of Mobile Phone Jammer

This tool is used for law enforcement and military to interrupt communication between terrorists to stop the use of certain remote detonate explosive. This tool is also used in the public areas. These tools are used at those places where radio communication is unsafe.


  • 1. Cellular phones are not used in the restricted area.

  • 2. This device can block cellular phone communication in the range 50-90 sq meters.

  • 3. Setup of this device is easy because of its wireless facility.

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